"e-Starter" method

to develop a new turnover on the internet

to protect and strengthen your current business

to commit ourselves on your results

Our mission

Study the immediate internet opportunities

Suggest strategies

Build the action plan

Validate the business plan


Then recruit your team

And make yourself autonomous

We are your incubation task force

dedicated and outsourced

paid on its results

Key points

Dedicated task-force

Your e-business is a strategic business challenge. You keep the project management, we run the project management through the creation of a start-up entirely dedicated to your project.

Paid on results

The more you perform, the more we earn. Our compensation level is indexed to the success of your project.

Team hand-sewn

We recruit for you the seasoned talents who will invest heavily. We then pilot your dedicated team in our project mode offices.

Incremental method

Rather than big dangerous changes, we favor small steps that secure. We implement an incremental approach in agile mode where the solution emerges from a work in co-construction.

Out of the box thinking

We promote creativity and uncompromising ways of thinking that lead to innovative solutions. We see error as a springboard for progress that bounces back.

Project with you

We run your project with entrepreneurial vision. We do not do it without you. We do not do it for you. We do it hand in hand with you.


Because digitalisation is much more than a technical tool.

Because your online sales site is much more than a graphic design.

Because your e-business platform is much more than a virtual shop.


Only 4% of online sales sites generate more than € 1M turnover,

and 0.6% more than 10M € turnover (source FEVAD)

How does one go from 0 to 6M € in 3 years with only 5 people?

=> everything is in the details

Come and see our Lab, meet our teams : you will understand