Challenge InnovADIRA: 2 FPR clients in the final (vote on 19/11)

2 categories 2 finalists: ZEST and YOPP. Discover the presentation here:


FPR presents 4 customers to the 2018 InnovADIRA Challenge

- ZEST: your water and electricity otherwise. Project carried by BRUNET INDUSTRIES (TP BTP), AXEIS (electronic), ZIA (artificial intelligence), FPR (e-commerce)
- ADVENTURE PARAMOTORS: development of direct / indirect sales in the USA Project carried by ADVENTURE (paramotors) and FPR (phygital: classic and digital commercial development)
- YOPP: platform of marketing campaigns for networks (franchises, distributors, commercial, ...) Project supported by the FAK group (printing) and FPR (web development)
- AIR AND HEALTH: online diagnosis of indoor air quality Project carried by AIR-ET-SANTE (air purifiers) and FPR (e-commerce)


Sébastien KRAMER, group FAK CEO : what he thinks about digitalization and FPR

Digitization is a strategic and crucial step. It can become a nightmare if the choices and technological support are not the right ones. Thank you FPR! (Linkedin details here)

12 mars 2018

FPR at Uncle Sam: first American customer !!!

Website redesign and back office of this great American association: A really great project we're pride to be part of. Good job Florian : a great arrival in Manhattan!

Vendredi 15 janvier

New information systems : happy customers !

Philippe Sapin CEO TECHNIBAG : "Thank you for your wishes and support in 2017 when we were in a difficult situation in Madrid". For FPR : the greatest reward !


Our wishes for 2018 :

Impressive course of our elders !!! Every generation has had its development opportunities - Internet is our ! In 2018, to use its incredible potential to grow your business : we want to do it WITH YOU!


Florian : FPR presence in Manhattan

International : to be on site, with reliable relays, perfectly knowing the culture, remains essential. US market is huge. Good luck Florian !

Vendredi 1er décembre

Launch of air purifiers web ecommerce site :

A B2C project, launched with the "e-Starter" method. It is built to evolve continuously in agile mode. Taking into account the returns of people who are waiting for a better life in the treatment of their allergies or their asthma. At FPR, we were impatiently wainting for that : finally to be able to measure the first factual results !

Lundi 30 octobre 2017

FPR by Renault Trucks : when the "French Fab" meets the "French Tech" => impressive !

3D vision in augmented reality: a concrete reality for the quality control of the motor line of the Vaulx factory in Velin. Results as impressive as spectacular! Long live the FrenchIndusTech !!!

Vendredi 20 octobre 2017

OLÉ !!! First Spanish customer !

Start-up in record time: end of August CRM Sales Purchases stocks are operational! Olé !!! (Philipe Sapin CEO of the group: "Thank you for your wishes and support in 2017 when we were in a difficult situation in Madrid")


The incredible French industrial success story led by FPR for its client MORASSUTI

Awarded by LE MONDE INFORMATIQUE : Silver medal 2017 for the best digital project !!! BRAVO to the entrepreneur Sébastien Kramer (boss of Morassuti) and the relentless work of his teams. 20M € of well deserved turnover !

Vendredi 30 juin 2017

FPR dedicated by LE MONDE INFORMATIQUE : best digital project 2017 !!!

FPR wins the silver medal of the "best digital transformation project 2017" for an industrial SME of Saint Etienne !!! In front of all the big groups and start-ups! To those who still doubt it, the French industry is full of nuggets with exciting trades. The Internet opens up a huge potential.

30 juin 2017

BRANDING : create its brand DNA for e-business

e-Business : create its brand DNA to make it a lever for development. 18h30 - Grand Amphitheater of the mythical Garage Citroën.

Jeudi 29 juin 2017

"Go numérique" by CCI of Lyon

Organized by the CCI: 4 place de la bourse 69001 Lyon We are waiting for you from 9am ! 8-))

Mardi 20 Juin 2017

IN FINAL of the best digital project 2017 !!!

Competition for the "Best Digital Transformation Project" organized byLe Monde Informatique

9 mai 2017

FPR selected to participate in FRANCE ENTREPRISE DIGITAL 2017

FPR will participate in the 2017 FRANCE ENTREPRISE DIGITAL contest in the "Digital Transformation" section


ADIRA chooses FPR

The Association for Digital Rhone Alpes Auvergne chooses FPR to represent the e-business project for an industrial customer of Saint-Etienne. turnover x 3 in 3 years thanks to the FPR "e-Starter" method